Food for Life Conclusion.

With all that we know about tobacco, how can people still smoke? Easy. They're enticed by big business; they enjoy it; it's cool; and it's very very habit forming. Now for the shock - poor nutrition causes every bit as much cancer, death, disability and chronic disease as cigarettes do. The modern diet is public health threat number 1. With all that we know about poor quality or food containing additives that are detrimental to our health, how can we still eat it? Easy. We enjoy it and it's very very habit forming.

That's basically what we aim to reverse in Sandcastles here; establish excellent eating habits for our child that's hard to break. Encourage them to eat food that is interesting, fun and does not contain anything that is harmful to their well being and is in sufficient quantities that nourishes their development.

Somewhere around 9 months of age, many babies begin to think that textured baby food is not where it's at. They develop an intense desire to eat whatever it is that you are eating. This is a critical part of child development because your child will begin to strongly imprint your health patterns. Eating junk food whilst offering your children vegetables probably won't wash with them.

How many of us persevered with the taste of coffee when we were younger so we could acquire the taste of something we seen grown ups drinking? Our mums and dads for example.

Many of us have unhealthy habits that we've accumulated over the years. The miracle of having a child is often our best opportunity to shed those habits that don't serve us and to develop new ones that do. Our parenting instincts make it easier to do something for our children that we would not do for ourselves alone. These changes, of course, would also directly benefit our children as they follow our examples. They also would benefit by giving them healthy energetic parents, both now and in the years to come.

So when your child begins wanting food from your plate let it be fresh fruits and vegetables plus whole grains. When he or she wants to taste what you are drinking let it be something you would be happy for them to drink. Don't let your baby's foray into the world of adult food be crisps, chips or sugary treats.

And of course budding toddlers still want some foods that you don't eat. They won't take all the ones that you do. Still don't miss out on the power of imitation to make healthy eating habits natural for your child. And remember you can't give them something you don't have.

When we give children good nutrition we are giving them the nutrient building blocks that literally become the eyes we look into, the knees that get scraped, the bones that support their growing bodies and their inquisitive curious brains.

That's why we believe in good food and why here at Sandcastles we are committed to this new Food for Life policy.

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