Food For Life

Our mission statement as a company declares that we consider the social, physical, intellectual, creative and emotional needs of our children, and we meet those needs through play, rest and sleep, exercise and food.

Sandcastles is committed to only serving food to your children that is excellent, varied, high in nutritional value and totally exclusive of all food additives related to the common childhood disorders that are on the increase e.g. eczema, asthma and hyperactivity.

Our aim at Sandcastles is to introduce a food culture that is interesting and healthy and provides the building blocks that they require for healthy living. We hope that by the time they go to school that they will accept only what's good for them and really enjoy it. Food is somewhat a passion of Sandcastles owner Cindy Craig, a food technologist by qualification, and we are fully committed to only serving excellent varied food, free from additives and full of nutrition, so we can provide invaluable peace of mind for our parents.

Here at Sandcastles we consider our Food For Life by tackling the following;

1. Fundamental dietary requirements of our children.

2. Food additives and the adverse effects on childhood disorders and behaviour.

3. How we get the children to accept Food for Life.

4. Conclusion.

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Considering social, physical, intellectual, creative and emotional needs of children


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