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Heather McKay
After School Room
Heather Mc Kay

I am Heather, I'm in my twenties and currently working in After-school where I am the Acting Supervisor. I started working in Sandcastles after returning from university, where I studied Global Hazards. Once home I completed my NVQ level 2 and I am nearly finished my level 3 with the intention to go on for another year to do my level 4 as well as various other courses to benefit me i.e first aid.

I have been with Sandcastles doing both my placements and working, First in the pre-school room and now in the after schools room. However I have been looking after children of all ages since I was 16, when I first started baby sitting. Since then I volunteer and help out with friends and family as well as at holiday clubs, children's weekly meetings and Sunday school.

I love working in Sandcastles and especially Afterschool as I get the opportunity to unleash my creative side and get hands on with the children and their projects. I like to be well organised and plan in advance a curriculum that is suited to the ages and abilities of the children in my care and I thoroughly enjoy teaching the children new things through play.

219 Seacon Road
Bt53 6PZ
Tel: (028) 2766 6066


Considering social, physical, intellectual, creative and emotional needs of children


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