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Mandy Mc Collum
Baby Room
Mandy MCCollum

Hey I'm Mandy Mc Collum

I have been in childcare since 2003 and from 2004 these great years I have been working in Sandcastles Day Nursery. I've been working in the baby room during my time at Sandcastles and I love working with this age group, I feel I connect and interact well with the babies and this creates a special bond.

In the baby room we all work really well as a team and I think this shows within the room as we have created a happy, relaxed and welcoming environment to babies and parents. As a member of staff I feel my qualities are being friendly, caring, comforting and fun. I am a qualified nursery assistant and have obtained my levels 2 & 3 in Early Years and Education. I have also participated in a number of courses which have been beneficial to my position working with the babies, these are;

First Aid
Fire Safety
Manual handling for children

My hobbies are walking, reading and spending time with my family and friends. In the past I have walked to raise money for charities such as children with cancer. I also work with the youth outside of work and have enjoyed weekends away e.g. to Castlewellan Castle with them. I enjoy this also and look forward to doing more of the same in the future.

There are many areas of my job that I love, one of these is watching the babies grow and develop onto each stage eg sitting up, crawling, walking and talking. It is fun and exciting seeing their own individual personalities come out as they grow older.

I enjoy doing fun activities on a regular basis such as water play, getting out walks for fresh air and sunshine and messy play such as painting. I love seeing the joy and fun these activities brings to each baby whilst they are learning new smells, new textures and feelings through touch.

I feel I bond well with the babies it great when I know that the babies feel safe and secure with me and that I can comfort them if they are unsettled or fearful.

Emma Alison Gamble
Baby Room
Emma Gamble

Hi I'm Emma Alison Gamble, I have worked in childcare since 2005, and since 2006 these have been at Sandcastles. I hold a level 3 BTEC National Diploma in Early Years. I started off as a temp at Sandcastles and am presently working in the baby room. The baby room is a pleasant, friendly environment, a home from home where the children can enjoy their first steps into nursery life. All of the staff are good friends which makes it so easy to work well together.

I have carried out a fire safety and a moving and handling course at Sandcastles and I hope to carry out many more of these useful courses in the future. Outside work I babysit now and again and have been involved in a number of charity events such as a sponsored walk for NSPCC and collections for Children In Need

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